‘Āina Koa Pono will construct and operate a biorefinery on 12,000 acres of privately-owned land near the town of Pāhala on Hawai‘i Island. Using locally harvested renewable feedstock, AKPʻs biorefinery will be able to process 900 dry tons per day of biomass to produce up to 24 million gallons of renewable biodiesel per year. AKP will produce 16 million gallons of biodiesel for HELCO, and another 8 million gallons of biogasoline for commercial transportation and other uses.

The biofuel processing facility will be constructed on 23 acres surrounded by tall trees for aesthetic purposes. AKP’s facility will have the following modules:

  • Biomass receiving and preparation
  • Microwave Depolymerization (MDWP) process
  • Renewable diesel production
  • Fuel finishing system
  • Emissions controls
  • Power generation
  • Storage
  • Electricity and other utilities

AKP is preparing a voluntary assessment of environmental impacts to confirm the safety of the biorefinery, storing and transporting of fuel and will work with its partners and community stakeholders to develop appropriate mitigation measures should there be adverse impacts.