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Welcome to ‘Āina Koa Pono – a Hawai‘i-based, locally owned biofuels company committed to sustainable, locally grown and processed liquid fuel for power generation and transportation.

  • Purpose

    ‘Āina Koa Pono LLC (AKP) is aimed at cracking dependence on fossil fuels by using a microwave process to compress to 50 minutes the millions of years it takes nature to convert biomass into crude oil. The biofuel is a “drop-in” fuel that has the same properties as fossil fuel and can produce electricity or be refined for vehicle fuel.

    AKP was formed to develop sustainable, renewable, reliable, environmentally sound energy solutions that generate local economic development opportunities in Hawai‘i.

  • The Need

    Hawai‘i depends more on fossil fuels than any other state—both for electric generation and transportation. By 2030 the State mandate is to replace 40 percent with renewable energy sources. ‘Āina Koa Pono will help Hawai‘i meet its clean energy goal.

  • How we do it

    AKP licensed the exclusive rights for Hawai‘i and the South Pacific for Microwave Catalytic Depolymerization (Micro Dee), from Sustainable Biofuels Solutions LLC (SBS), which holds worldwide rights.

    The Micro Dee process is subject of intensive testing at SBS’s North Carolina plant by AECOM, a global engineering and technical services company. Results to date on this second-generation thermal microwave depolymerization technology have met or exceeded projections for optimal renewable liquid fuel production.

  • News

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